Consider becoming a Non Resident Importer

FYKE Trading & Logistics can help you become a Non-Resident importer today and increase your sales to Canada. Our warehouses, Customs clearance process and domestic Canadian transportation rates ensures your success.

A Non Resident Importer is simply a U.S. based shipper who decides to sell on a "landed cost" basis to their Canadian customers. Working with us, we allow your company to act as if you are a Canadian company based in Canada. You require no Canadian infrastructure and your Canadian firms can compare the “apples to apples” price of your landed goods directly with Canadian domestic products.

You simply ship one consolidated shipment for all your Canadian orders  direct to our Buffalo, NY warehouse (allowing you to take advantage of domestic rates to the border) where we will then arrange your Canadian Customs clearance. Your firm will become the "importer of record" with Canadian Customs and any duties and taxes payable for your goods imported into Canada will be invoiced to you. After Canadian Customs clearance we will bring your goods to Canada on our trucks and arrange for delivery to each of your customers.

Your customers will be able to deal with you as easily as they can with a supplier around the corner!

So, let's get started !
We will work with you to:

  • Establish your firm as "Importer of Record" with Canada Customs
  • Help you understand valuation methods and your landed costs
  • Obtain your Canadian Business Number
  • Maintain your Books and Records
  • Pay the (Goods & Services Tax) on your shipments
  • Pay any HST/PST (Harmonized Sales Tax/Provincial Sales Tax)  

We will take care of all your transportation, warehousing and even create a personalized Returns/Warranty program for you if required!

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