Logistics as a concept is considered to evolve from the military's need to supply themselves as they moved from their base to a forward position. In ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine empires, there were military officers with the title ‘Logistikas’ who were responsible for financial and supply distribution matters.

What is Logistics?

The process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements."

What is a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Provider?

A firm that provides outsourced or "third party" logistics services to companies for part or sometimes all of their supply chain management function. Third party logistics providers typically specialize in integrated warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customer’s needs based on market conditions and the demands and delivery service requirements for their products and materials.

What does a Freight Forwarder do?

A firm that arranges space for and books their client’s shipments (whether import or export) on any means of domestic or international transport (namely trucks, rail, airlines, ocean carriers or any combination of one or more of these modes of transport) and processes and coordinates all required documentation.

What does a Customs Broker do?

Customs brokers clear millions of shipments of imported goods, prepare required Customs documentation for further millions of export shipments, and collect billions of dollars in duties owing to the government each year. The broker acts as middle man between the importer and the government on some 80 per cent of import transactions. He makes it easier for individuals and firms to comply with complex government legislation, and makes it easier for the government to encourage and obtain compliance.


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